Looking for a chartered bus that isn’t so huge?

Then check us out at Pacific Cascade Towncar! We know that sometimes, our luxury towncars aren’t quite big enough to fit everybody in one vehicle and that you want to travel together. If that’s the case, try our executive bus rentals in Vancouver WA. Unlike other chartered buses, our minibusses aren’t enormous transport buses big enough to fit your family reunion. Instead, we focus on providing quality, personalized service to our passengers. That’s why our premier 12-passenger buses are perfect for small groups. With comfortable seats and entertainment options, when you go with us, you won’t be disappointed!

Tired of waiting around?

Executive Bus Rental Vancouver WAIf there’s one thing we’re known for, it’s punctuality. When you call and set up a pickup time, you should never have to wait around for your ride to arrive. That’s why we’re at least fifteen minutes early for every appointment, just in case something comes up along the way. We know that traffic can be unpredictable, so to make sure we arrive on time, we carefully monitor traffic conditions and adjust our travel times accordingly, especially during times that typically have heavier traffic. Not only will we get to your location with plenty of time to spare, but we’ll help load up any items you take with you too. Whether it’s luggage, instruments, or souvenirs, we’ll make sure that it travels safely and securely.

What sets your luxury buses apart from the competition?

  • Comfort

  • We want you to feel comfortable when you ride with us. We only use top-grain leather in every one of our vehicles and have arm rests for each passenger, so nobody is uncomfortable during their trip. 

  • Service

  • Along with our early pickup times, we’ll do whatever we can to make sure you enjoy your ride. Our professional chauffeurs let you adjust climate control, radio stations, and will help with any special requests you may have. 

  • Affordability

  • Just because your ride is luxurious doesn’t mean it should break the bank. We have competitive rates on our executive busses to make sure they aren’t only comfortable, but affordable.

When are some good times to use your bus rentals?

Our luxury minibusses are good whenever you need to travel in a small group and get everyone there at the same time. Some common times when an executive minibus hire might be a good option include:

Wine Tours
When scheduling a wine tour, especially when visiting several establishments, you want to be able to enjoy your drinks. With us, you don’t have to worry about avoiding that fine wine you’ve wanted to try because we’ll make sure to get you home safely.
Airport Shuttle
If you have a small group and want to be certain no one gets lost in the PDX airport, our chartered bus will get everyone there with plenty of time to spare. We can get you from the airport, pick you up from your home, or both; whatever you need!
Sports Events
For those times when you’ve got to tickets to the big game, we’ll get you there in style. Whether you’re hoping the Trailblazers will finally clinch the playoffs or rooting for the Winterhawks to earn the Stanley Cup let us handle the transportation!

Choose us for your next event!

Executive Bus Rental Vancouver WAWhen you choose us, we want you to feel valued. We appreciate that you go with us for the best combination of value, service, and luxury anywhere in the Vancouver area. Both the interior and exterior of our vehicles are spotless, and when you see our sleek and shiny executive bus roll in to pick you up, you’ll know you made the right choice. We have several ways you can make your next reservation. Fill out our online reservation form, give us a call, or fill out our contact form today to schedule your pickup time!