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Pickup Instructions

Early morning pickup instructions:

Our drivers will generally arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled pick up time. Due to the darkness, and it being difficult to read the address in the dark, we ask our guest to please turn on a porch light so that we arrive at the correct location. This way we can assure that you did not over sleep and we won’t wake anyone else in the household.

Airport pickup instructions:

After you arrive in Portland International Airport, go to the baggage claim downstairs. Proceed to the doors directly outside and look for the Island #3 sign

This sign is next to the parking structure on the third street. You should see a row of silver or black towncars. Your name will be displayed on the towncar that will be waiting to take you to your destination.

If your flight is delayed, chances are that we have already revised our schedule for you, but it is still wise to give us a call to be sure we have someone there to accommodate the new pickup time.