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Breast Cancer Awareness

1-8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their life time.


When breast cancer is detected early, in the localized stage, the 5-year survival rate is 98%*



The best way to fight breast cancer is to have a plan that helps you detect the disease in its early stages. Create your Early Detection Plan to receive reminders to do breast self-exams, and schedule your clinical breast exams and mammograms based on your age and health history.

Please visit  to set up a plan. believes that every woman needs to plan.  As a reminder to all woman, all of our chauffeurs will be wearing pink ties on Wednesday’s, to lend our support.

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Meals on Wheels Sneak Peak


We are proud to be a part of this wonderful tradition.  

We want to honor all the special people who have donated to such a wonderful charity.  We want to reward you with a luxurious ride in our luxury executive bus. We invite you to be treated in style.  Come and enjoy free “lot attended” parking and a free luxurious ride to the Convention center.  Our luxury bus will be picking our guest up at 125 SE Clay ST Portland OR, and dropping them off at the Convention Center, every 15 minutes.   We will also have a complimentary wine and cheese tent if you have to wait for the next bus. After the event we will bring you back to your car.  We are only a couple of miles from the Convention Center, right around the corner from Omsi. 

 Please make a reservation for a ride to the Convention Center Here.



Sneak Peek Charity Preview Party


Support the Meals on Wheels People

100% of your $100 ticket for the Sneak Peek Charity Preview Party is donated to the Meals on Wheels People of Portland to provide warm meals.

For the second year the Portland International Auto Show is hosting the charity gala event of the year the “Sneak Peek Charity Preview Party”. At Portland’s Most Anticipated Event of the Year attendees will experience the magic of the opening ceremonies and enjoy a night of strolling the show floor of over 500 production, concept, exotic vehicles and technologies while enjoying first rate hors d’oeuvres from local executive chefs, adult beverages from Oregon’s top wineries and great entertainment to complete the evening.

The goal of the event is to raise money for Meals on Wheels People of Portland along with three other local organizations. Tickets are $100 each. 100% of the ticket amount will go directly to Meals on Wheels People, a nonprofit organization with a vision that no senior will go hungry or experience social isolation. Meals on Wheels People provides 5,000 hot, nutritious meals daily to seniors throughout the greater Portland metropolitan area. Given the nature of the event, cocktail attire is required and attendees must be 21 and over.

Come join us for a night to remember and help us make a difference for Meals on Wheels People of Portland.




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Stop Human Trafficking

Did you know that the Portland Metro Area is one of the leading human trafficking places in the world.  We are a hub for this horrible trade.  Please join in eradicating  this terrible trade not only in our city but around the world. is partnering with Adorned Grace to help.
Adorned in Grace is a non-profit bridal shop in SW Portland with proceeds going to raise awareness and prevention of human trafficking in Portland and beyond. The store is managed and staffed by volunteers and the lease is provided courtesy of Fred Meyer Corporation. All of the gowns are donated and whatever cannot be sold goes to the Adorned in Grace Design Studio. The Design Studio in SE Portland, inspires women to become advocates on behalf of at-risk teenagers. Volunteers teach young girls valuable repurposing and redesign skills while developing healthy mentoring relations.

Since opening its doors three years ago, Adorned in Grace has grown to become a favorite of brides looking to both buy and donate their wedding gown. Dedicated to its mission, Adorned in Grace continues to explore and expand connections with community leaders, merchants and concerned citizens to promote prevention and awareness of human trafficking and restoration for its victims.

The fastest growing criminal industry on the planet, human trafficking affects the lives of hundreds of thousands of children throughout the United States and over two million children worldwide. The average age of victims is twelve. Portland has become a mecca for this modern day slavery and has one of the highest rates per capita for the sexual victimization of women, teens and children in the United States.

Grace Note$ Partner Badge
Adorned in Grace sells new and gently used wedding gowns and formal wear. All proceeds are used to promote awareness and prevention of sex trafficking as well as restoration for trafficking victims.


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Black Suit…White Tennis Shoes?

A couple of weeks ago, I had to pick my daughter up from the airport. I carted the whole family into the SUV and took off for the airport at 10PM. Her flight was scheduled to land at 9:45 but there had been thunderstorms in Atlanta so her plane was delayed by a couple of hours. My wife and I were anxious to see her, since she had been away on a field trip to visit New York and Washington D.C.

I have three other children ranging from 9-1. I am always amazed how my wife does it day in and day out. They are great kids, but getting them all in the car is like herding cats. No offense to cats everywhere. The goal was to be in the car, ready to go by 10PM, so that we could get to the airport on time. At 10:15 I started to lose my patience. I was ready to go, but my son and two daughters still hadn’t found their slippers, and my wife still needed to change the boy’s diaper before we left. I was so happy that this was the summer so keeping everyone up would not affect school the next day. The good news is that we got there on time, and actually had to wait another 45 minutes before she got off the plane.

While we were waiting, I started pondering doing this same exercise in the morning, but instead of picking my daughter up, it would be dropping me off at the airport. This practice becomes even more stressful when you are trying to catch a plane. I was extremely happy that was so efficient and professional. Now I help run the place, so of course I think that. But we really take pride in showing up 10 minutes early, having clean cars, professional chauffeurs, and professional looking attire. Now this may seem like a small detail.  But I believe that it makes all the difference in the world.

So why this story?  Well while I was contemplating the benefits of having a towncar company and how proud I was of all the professional people that work for us, I noticed a guy in a black suit holding a sign. Being in the business, I immediately knew he was a greeter, for a passenger getting off one of the delayed planes. This in itself really isn’t earth-shattering. But as I got closer, I was relieved to notice he wasn’t one our people. Within 10 feet I noticed that his black suit looked like he had slept in it for days, and that wasn’t the worse part…he was wearing white high-top tennis shoes. Now there’s nothing wrong with wearing white tennis shoes with a black suit, I guess. Personally I think it looks tacky, but I’m no fashion expert.

What I can tell you is it doesn’t look very professional. And I was so happy that our people always look sharp and ready to serve our clients. I am honored to say that if you ride with you will always get a clean car and a professional chauffeur that looks top notch…and that your experience will match.


Mike Porter



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The Port of Portland Honors Pacific Cascade Towncar

excellent customer service award

On Wednesday evening February 2, 2011, the Port of Portland held their first annual “Customer Connection Recognition Banquet.” Pacific Cascade Towncar was the only towncar or limousine company honored for this award. The POP honored over 60 customer service superstars. Our own Teresa was given the award.

We would like to thank the POP and all of our customers for the opportunity to serve this community.

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